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Planning your attendance...

Is not an easy task! Exhibition planning can be tedious and time consuming, especially when it comes to an exhibition at the other side of the world - but don't worry, you've got us to help you with it.

To best plan your participation at Alpitec China, be sure to follow the exhibitor guideline below, which will lead you through the most important milestones of your participation. Some of these steps will require filling in forms from the Alpitec China exhibitor manual, which includes all the services you might need during the show, and which we are going to send out to all confirmed exhibitors of Alpitec China about three months before show start!

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us - just send an email to alpitecchina@fierabolzano.it - our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

Exhibitor guideline

A wise man named Socrates once said that asking questions is the best way to have a clear view on any situation, and even though the ancient greeks have little to do with the winter technology sector, we'd like to follow in his footsteps to help you plan your attendance at Alpitec China.

So feel free to read through the questions below, and use them as a guideline to best prepare for your participation.

  • Did I successfully apply for a booth at Alpitec China?

The most important step to your participation at Alpitec China is sending in an application for your participation by filling in the download version of the application form with your company and billing information, and of course the size and type of the booth you'd like to book! Please note that this application is binding - once you've applyed, you might rest assured that the requested amount of space will be made available for your company. You'll be then contacted by us for further steps.

  • When will I be getting my booth position at Alpitec China?

In September we're going to start drawing up the new floorplans, we will contact you with our official positioning proposal once we've found the perfect position for you. We're of course going to try to consider each of your requirements, but for the sake of fairness, we work according to a "first come, first serve" principle - so the sooner you apply, the better! But don't worry: we won't forget about you, and if you like, you can contact us at any time: We're always happy to hear from our future exhibitors!

  • Am I a confirmed exhibitor of Alpitec China?

Be mindful that applying or confirming a position does not automatically make you an Alpitec China exhibitor. First you've got to transfer the downpayment for your exhibition space, as described on the application form. Your participation will officially be confirmed by the Fiera Bolzano Exhibition Center with the issuing of the invoice.

  • Am I a raw space exhibitor or a shell scheme exhibitor?

This is a truly crucial question when it comes to attendance planning. Let's follow up with a second question: What exactly is the difference between a raw space and a shell scheme exhibitor? As a raw space exhibitor, you've decided to only book raw exhibition space at Alpitec China, without booth construction or any kind of furnshing, and with the intent to hire a contractor who is going to design and build your custom-made booth for the show. If you need a contact to a contractor near Bejing, feel free to contact us! As a shell scheme exhibitor on the other hand, you've ordered our Alpitec China shell scheme to go with your raw space exhibition area, you will therefore find your booth ready and waiting for you upon your arrival at the CNCC. If you're not sure what kind of exhibitor you are, just take a look at your application form, if you've flagged the "we request the Alpitec China shell scheme" box, you've officially ordered a shell scheme.

  •  Where can I order the services I need during the show?

A few months before Alpitec China, you'll receive the Alpitec China exhibitor manual via email - after that, it will also be available online. The Alpitec China exhibitor manual includes the order forms for all services you might need during the show. 

  • Do I have to fill in every form in the Alpitec China exhibitor manual?

Once you know whether you are a raw space or a shell scheme exhibitor, the manual is going to help you find your way through it. It is divided into different sections: some are optional, some are mandatory only to raw space exhibitors, others are mandatory to shell scheme exhibitors and one or two of them are mandatory to all exhibitors. In case of doubt: just look at the left upper corner of each form to find out whether it is mandatory for you or not! Additionally, the exhibitor manual also contains some general information like a list of available hotels, the rules and regulations of the CIEC, the build-up, tear-down and show schedule as well as the shipping guideline.

  • Do I have to stick to the deadlines indicated on the forms in the exhibitor manual?


  •  What else do I have to consider when planning my trip to China?

Firstly, be mindful that for travelling to China a Chinese visa is required. To apply for a business visa (type M) for your participation at Alpitec China, you'll need an official invitation letter to China in addition to your plane ticket and the booking confirmation of your hotel (the latter two are also needed for a tourist visa, type L). To receive such an invitation letter, please use the "invitation letter" form in your exhibitor manual, and make sure that all your data is filled in correctly. 

Secondly, please consider that China is in another time zone (generally speaking +6 or +7 hours compared to CET, depending on the European summer- and wintertime), and that you should arrive at least one day before show start to be able to pick up your exhibitor badges and have a look at your booth - we can't have our exhibitors arrive late on the first show day, can we?

Thirdly, if you're using google-based apps or mail services, or any international social media like Facebook, keep in mind that they might not work properly in China or even not at all. Our suggestion? Get WeChat! (and follow us on it!)